Our Walk & Adventure services

Canine Adventures

A morning of FUN for younger, active, well mannered dogs. Dogs can explore new sights and smells whilst visiting various countryside locations with a small group of furry friends.
Suitable for fully grown adult dogs.

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Chill Hour

An early afternoon hour long walk for older, calmer dogs without having to worry about energetic puppies. Lots of opportunities to sniff and explore at a relaxed pace with a small group of like-minded dogs.
Suitable for older, calmer dogs.

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Walk & Train Programme

A 30minute 121 training walk with our experienced team. Individual attention to help support your training and improve results.
Suitable for dogs of any age including puppies.

Puppy Care Package

2 or 3 visits throughout the day to provide your puppy with company, toilet breaks, training and socialisation opportunities.
Suitable for puppies
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