About Potter Paws

Potter Paws is an independent business based in Aylesbury, owned by Debbie Potter, founded in 2015. Our dog training school is based in Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, Bucks and offers group classes and 121 training. Our sessions are designed to help you be the best companion possible to support your dog to become a treasured member of your family. With a variety of training options we have something to suit everyone.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and relatable to ensure owners feel as relaxed as possible, enjoy training and see results.

Using modern science based training methods ensures all dogs are respected and able to learn in a fun atmosphere where their well-being is first and foremost. We aim to be force free and use rewards/reinforcements to help dogs make the right choices.

Our trainers are IMDT qualified, certified with a number of organisations and undertake vast CPD to ensure we are continually learning and developing our training skills.

All our staff (including those office based) are DBS checked and trained in Human First Aid, Canine First Aid and Canine Body Language. We welcome volunteers and mentees to assist in group classes. This is ideal for those who wish to gain work experience, practical training skills or just like being around dogs.

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