Crate Training

Crate training your puppy, if done correctly, can be invaluable. Your puppy should see the crate as an inviting, safe place and not somewhere they are put if they are naughty or only when being left alone.

To begin with, leave the crate door open so your puppy can choose when to go in, make sure there's always a nice surprise waiting for them - a treat, new chew, stuffed kong. Keep the door open until your puppy is happy to be inside and stay inside the crate even if you leave the room.

Once they are comfortable in the crate, you can introduce a 'cue' to go inside the crate. Say the word 'in' or 'bed' and let them see you throw a treat into the crate. After a few days shut the door whilst they eat the treat and then open it straight away. Over time and only when your puppy is happy and relaxed, leave the door closed for a few extra seconds. You can drop a couple of extra treats through the bars.

Over time, and this may take weeks or months depending on your dog, gradually increase the time the door is closed. Always keep sessions shorter to ensure you open the door BEFORE they become anxious and this will build on your puppy's success and positive emotions around the crate. Practise when you are at home and not only when you wish to leave them home alone.

Our Top Tips

  • Ensure the crate is warm, cosy and inviting with soft bedding.
  • Always ensure your puppy has access to drinking water when inside the crate.
  • Ensure you remove their collar when left to prevent accidents and injuries
  • NEVER use the crate as a punishment
  • NEVER leave your puppy to 'cry it out'
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