Worried about leaving your new puppy home alone?

Are you feeling guilty about going to work and leaving them?

Wondering if he'll get bored and start chewing the house?

Relax in the knowledge your puppy is being looked after by Potter Paws


Our puppy package is suitable for puppies from approximately 12 weeks - 10months
Until at least 20 weeks we recommend having 3 visits, after 20 weeks you can choose to reduce to 2 visits, morning and afternoon

**Please Note we do not recommend leaving young puppies for long periods of time, and therefore our puppy service may not be suitable if you work long hours. Please get in touch to see if we can offer a service to meet your needs


​Your puppy’s day will begin with a 30minute visit. During this time we can let your puppy out in the garden and take them for a short walk if old enough. We spend time teaching puppies basic commands such as sit, stay, down and some good manners to help them grow into confident, well behaved dogs. We can also practise anything you are working on in puppy class.

We will visit your puppy for around 10-15minutes at lunchtime; an opportunity to go into the garden, have lunch and enjoy human company.

After some post lunch snoozing, we will come to spend 20-30 minutes with your puppy. During our afternoon visit we play games to help promote good manners and skills such as leave, drop and fetch.

As your puppy grows and develops so will our puppy care schedule, which will progress onto short walks alongside other dogs and training walks to prepare them for our Adventures when they are old enough.

We also offer group and individual training for puppies and their owners
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