Pet Bereavement Support

Sharing your life with a pet is a wonderful priveledge. Often your dog, cat or horse becomes part of your family and shares so many experiences and events with you, the highs and the lows, always there to provide a listening ear and a warm snuggle. It's no wonder they hold a special place in our hearts and truely are our best friends.

When the time comes to say goodbye, each individual processes and comes to term with the loss in their own unique way, whether you are an adult, child, male or female the grief can be overwhelming and affect your daily life in the intial weeks and months.

Our Pet Bereavement Counselling service will give you the opportunity to talk, share and feel valued and supported through this difficult period. Sam will provide a safe space for you to be able to feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts without being judged.


Exploring your feelings before the loss of your pet can help you to cope better after their death. Whether this be understanding the process and knowing what to expect or feeling more in control on the day. We can help answer questions you or your family may have to help you prepare.


Following the loss of a pet your grief can be overwhelming. For many people this is unexpected and you may have underestimated how much impact your loss has on daily life. We can help you explore your emotions, and how to cope going forward.

How we can help

Sam will guide and support you through your grief. For many people a single session is enough to gain acceptance of your loss and beable to move forward, where as others need a two or three sessions over a longer period of time.

Sessions can be for individuals, couples or families. We can be flexible of whether your sessions are face-to-face either taking place at your home or over a 'walk & talk' outdoor session. Alternatively sessions can be held over the phone or virtually depending on your location and preference.

If you are facing the loss of a pet or your pet has already passed and are in need of please send an email or book a consultation

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*In-person available within 15miles of Aylesbury, Bucks