puppy & dog training

Training to suit you and your family dog with small, friendly classes in an outdoor location with plenty of space to relax

Adventure Walks

A Potter Paws Adventure or dog walk will leave your dog well exercised, relaxed, stimulated and above all happy

pet first aid

Ensure you know what to do in an emergency; our Pet First Aid courses cover dogs, cats and other small animals

Potter Paws

what we stand for

At Potter Paws, we believe in making dogs lives happier and making owners lives a little easier. From knowing your dog is happy on Adventures with his Potter Paws friends, to learning the ongoing training techniques to give him the life skills to be part of your family, all our methods are force free and reward based.
We believe that training is for life, not just for puppies, and our biggest reward is making sure you have a happy, fulfilled and healthy dog who makes your family complete.


Our Walking Service

Your dog is your best friend, you have great adventures together on the weekend, exploring woodland trails and bounding through fields, with a waggy tail and a doggy smile as the best of company.

But on Monday morning when you have to go back to work, you feel guilty because you have to leave your dog at home, and you’re worried he’ll be lonely and bored without you. You wish your dog could have as much fun in the week as he does at the weekend.

Great news - Potter Paws is Aylesbury’s original Canine Adventure provider, giving your dog the same great adventures during the week that he gets at weekends with you, with structured physical & mental exercise and socialisation with his doggy friends.  You can be confident he’s being well looked after and go to work guilt free, knowing that your dog is having the BEST day!

our training

Our ethos is that training is for life, not just for puppies! Potter Paws offers you ongoing support and training techniques, from when puppy first comes home, as he grows up and throughout his life as part of your family.

Your dog is your children's best friend and your fur-child. He makes your family whole, with a ready wag of the tail and a lick to tell you how much he loves you. You share so many adventures together - snuggles at home, family holidays at the beach, weekends splashing through puddles and rolling in the mud (that's him, not you!) You want to make sure he's healthy and happy, and is the perfect playmate for your children. Let me help you make sure your dog is your perfect companion with Potter Paws Family Dog Training. I'll teach you the skills to make sure you have a happy, fulfilled and healthy dog who makes your family complete.


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