Canine Adventures

Is your dog lonely and bored when left home alone?

Do you feel guilty going to work?

Does he need more exercise than you can give?

Make your dog smile; book Potter Paws!

A Potter Paws Adventure will leave your dog well exercised, relaxed, stimulated and above all happy.

Exercise is vital to ensure your dog stays fit, healthy and mentally stimulated. During our Adventures your dog can explore new smells, sights and sounds. Daily exercise reduces pent up energy, boredom and can help to improve negative behaviours. Your dog will enjoy exploring countryside locations with Aylesbury's original Canine Adventure providers; exploring woodland, a quick swim, relaxing in parkland or just taking in the smells.

You and your dog will love our Canine Adventures as they make your dog parenting role easier.....

  • There will be no need to walk your dog before heading off to work
  • Having so much fun in the daytime means they won't need a long walk in the evening
  • Your training efforts will be supported during our time with your dog
  • Being well exercised (mentally and physically) reduces pent up energy meaning your dog will be more relaxed and less destructive in the home
  • You can go to work guilt free knowing your dog is having the BEST day!
Your dog will benefit from;
  • More time out of the house
  • Extra physical exercise and more mental stimulation
  • Improved social skills
  • The opportunity to enjoy life a little more!

Your dog's Adventure will start on lead, walking alongside their new pals, if appropriate they'll enjoy time off-lead allowing them to move at their own pace. Throughout their 2hours of outdoor fun your dog will engage and interact with their human friend to help improve recall, concentration and basic tasks such as sit and stay. A quick stop for a sniff and fun games are also scheduled.

Be assured your dog is in the best care with Potter Paws. Adventures are facilitated by Debbie and Sam Potter, both are Canine First Aid trained, DBS Checked and trained in reading Canine Body Language. Debbie is an IMDT qualified dog trainer and Sam is working towards this, all methods used and interaction with your dog is force free and reward based. Our group sizes are kept small to ensure we accomodate the individual needs of all the dogs and that they have the best experiences during their time with us. As well as receiving appropriate daily exercise they will also receive mental stimulation and learn how to calmly interact with other dogs and people.


Our Walk, Adventure and Puppy Care services are available to those living in the south of Aylesbury, including Stoke Mandeville & Wendover. Other areas may be available on request, please contact us to discuss. We require dogs to join us for a minimum of 2 Adventures per week to ensure continuity for your dog.

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