Does your dog enjoy the quiet life?

Is he a little older but still loves to be active?

Do you worry leaving him home alone whilst you're at work?


Potter Paws can help your dog enjoy their day!


A Potter Paws Chill Hour will provide your older dog with gentle exercise and mental stimulation to ensure they stay happy.

Even though your dog is getting older and enjoying a more relaxed pace of life, gentle exercise is still important to ensure your dog stays healthy. Our Chill Hour is exclusively for older, calm dogs designed to exercise them without the worry of bouncy boisterious young dogs. They explore new smells, sights and sounds at their own relaxed pace.

You and your dog will love our Chill Hour as they specifically designed for the more mature dog.....

  • having plenty of opportunity to sniff and mooch in the daytime means you won't have to walk them as far in the evening
  • gentle exercise will help to keep them healthy
  • sniffing improves their mental state and can delay cognitive decline
  • familiar routes to provide security
  • a relaxed pace; your dog will take the lead
  • you can go to work guilt free knowing your dog is having the BEST day!
Our Chill Hour is available to those living in the south of Aylesbury, including Stoke Mandeville & Wendover. Other areas may be available on request.