Our dogs!

The most im-paw-tent members of the team are of course, the four-legged ones who continue to help us develop our skills and knowledge.

Leo Potter (2003 - 2018)

The founding member and inspiration
behind Potter Paws, Leo! Simply the
best dog! 


Dave Potter

Breed: Labrador
DoB: 24.6.17
Favourite Activity: Learning tricks
Favourite Thing: My blanket
Favourite Food: Everything but especially Banana
Favourite Walk: The Potterings

Remus Potter

Breed: Fox Red Labrador
DoB: 24.5.19
Favourite Activity: Scent Detection
Favourite Thing: Tennis Ball
Favourite Food: Pig's Ear
Favourite Walk: Eythrope

Fred Potter

Breed: Golden Retriever
DoB: 9.8.21
Favourite Activity: Interactive Play
Favourite Thing: Tug-e-nuff chaser
Favourite Food: Testing everything before I decide
Favourite Walk: The Woods

Rufus McCue (2015 - 2022)

Breed: Cockerpoo
DoB: 19.6.14
Favourite Activity: Hoopers
Favourite Thing: Cuddly croissant
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Walk: The woods

Murphy McCue

Breed: Springer Spaniel
DoB: 1.9.19
Favourite Activity: Beating
Favourite Thing: Tennis Ball
Favourite Food: Sprats or anything fishy
Favourite Walk: The Woods

Coco McCue

Breed: Springer Spaniel
DoB: 01.08.20
Favourite Actvity: Flushing Pheasants
Favourite Thing: Her hoomans
Favourite Food: Not decided yet
Favourite Walk: The woods


Sherbet North

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
DoB: 18.2.21
Favourite Activity: Enrichment Games
Favourite Thing: Lamb teddy
Favourite Food: Cheese, Rabbit Ears & Fish
Favourite Walk: The Woods

Zazu Defriez

Breed: Heinz 57
DoB: 24.06.11
Favourite Activity: Chasing squirrels
Favourite Thing: Cuddling up on sofa
Favourite Food: Anything meaty
Favourite Walk: Watermead or Tarn Hows