Toilet Training

Helping your new puppy learn where the toilet is can be a fairly straight forward process but it does take time. Accidents WILL happen as puppies don’t have much control over their growing bladder in the first few months. They will need to be given the opportunity to go to the toilet frequently, this may be as often as every hour initially.

Aim to get as many wees/poos in the right place so they develop good habits and associations of where to go to the toilet. When they are going in the garden, ensure you always wait until they have fully finished weeing before rewarding to ensure a fully emptied bladder.

When you need to go out or to bed, allow plenty of time, at least 15minutes, for your puppy to go outside for a wee so you aren’t rushing them.

Learning when your puppy is likely to go will help. These are the main times to take your puppy outside....

  • Every hour
  • At exciting times
  • After mealtimes
  • If they begin sniffing or circling
  • When they wake up
  • After burst of energy or play

If your puppy has an accident inside - IGNORE IT! You didn't read the signs, clear it up and try again next time. Telling your puppy off will not help and may make the toilet training process harder in the long run.

Our Top Tips

  • Set an alarm (or ask Alexa) for every hour so you don’t loose track of time.
  • Always go into the garden together so you can reward puppy when they go
  • Teach them to ring a bell so they can ask to go outside
  • Avoid using puppy pads as they often cause confusion.
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