About Us

Potter Paws is an independent business based in Aylesbury, owned by Debbie & Sam Potter. Our dog training school offers classes, workshops and 121 training designed to help your dog become a treasured member of your family through puppy and general training classes.

Debbie Potter (Head Trainer)

I am the Director and Head Trainer of Potter Paws, an independent family run business specialising in Family Dog Training based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. After many years wanting to work in a dog related profession but getting side-tracked into office work, I finally made the jump when my youngest daughter started school and Potter Paws was born.

My passion is helping families with their dog-parenting role, by providing a variety of fun training courses and workshops to help families meet the needs of their dog and create the perfect 4-legged family member to make every day life a little easier. Ensuring you and your best friend have the best life together.

As a child I was always surrounded by a number of family dogs. Just a couple of months after moving into my own home our first dog, Leo arrived, he was the best dog anyone could have wished for. 10 years later, puppy Dave arrived and Leo did a wonderful job of teaching him some good house manners in their time together. The most recent addition, Remus, has possibly been the most challenging. I am a firm believer that the dog chooses you and that owners/trainers learn something new with each and every dog they are lucky enough to spend time with.

Due to the dog training industry currently being un-regulated, I have been assessed and accredited as a Full Member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) ensuring my ability to work with your dog. My IMDT accreditations are a kite-mark of quality, knowledge and understanding which ensures you and your dog have a great experience.

I teach many of our dog training classes and workshops at our training venue in Stoke Mandeville and also provide 1-2-1 private training in the area surrounding Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Debbie can help you with all aspects of training but has a passion for Puppies, Loose-Lead Walking, Parkour, Sniffing and Labradors!


Sam Potter (Instructor)

Sam has been part of Potter Paws since the beginning, initially supporting the business and then becoming a full time team member.

With a background in medicine (working for the NHS for 16years) Sam combined his two passions and delivers our Canine FIrst Aid courses teaching life saving skills to pet owners and professionals. As well as hosting courses for others, he also instructs our Canine Body language course.

Sam was unfortunately not allowed a dog growing up but discovered the joy a dog can bring to a family after welcoming his first dog Leo. His love for dogs grows deeper with each 4-legged family member.

Tash Greenough (Assistant Trainer)

My passion for all things dog related started as a child with my grandparents Alsation "Kimmy dog". It has only been in the last 5 years that I have been lucky enough to have my own dog - a 6 year old rescue cockapoo "Rufus". It has been my journey with Rufus that ignited my passion in learning as much as I could about dogs - With this I started my journey, completing my APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Foundation course in August 2018.

In November 2019 my second dog "Murphy" (an 11 week old Springer Spaniel) came into the picture and my passion grew even stronger - I was lucky enough to come across Debbie and Potter Paws at this time and started volunteering in group classes to further my knowledge and gain practical experience following my APDT course.

My education journey is continuing and I am working towards completing my full qualification with IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) - amongst other exciting courses, as well as furthering my knowledge alongside the rest of the team.
As of July 2020 I have 'officially' joined the Potter Paws team and deliver many of the group classes and workshops at our training venue and I also offer private training sessions, both at our training venue and in the area surrounding Thame, Oxfordshire.

Tash can help with all aspects of training but has a passion for Spaniels, Hoopers and Puppies



Sue North (Admin Assistant)

Sue played a very important role in the set up of Potter Paws by suggesting the business name! Her role has evolved over the years and she currently is kept busy with a variety of admin tasks with the help of her dog Charlie!

Sue has lived with dogs all her life and enjoys long walks in the countryside.


Our mentors

Leo, the inspiration (2003 - 2018)


Dave, the challenge


Remus, the educator