Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book classes?

All classes are booked via the website, simply select the class and date you would like to book.

2. How do I book 121 training?
Fill in the callback request form or send a message via the contact us page. I will contact you to discuss your training requirements and arrange a mutually convenient day/time for training.

3. Can family and children attend classes?
Yes! We encourage the whole family to be involved with training their dog, when younger children are attending it is recommended to have a second adult present too. Our trainer is Human and Dog First aid trained and DBS checked for your peace of mind.

4. Can I change my booking?
You may be able to transfer your booking onto another course, this is subject to availability and a transfer/administration fee.

5. Do you cancel classes in poor weather?
Not as a rule, as long as it is safe to train we will train in all weathers. We will only cancel if we deem it to be unsafe for owners and dogs, such as snow/ice, thunderstorms and extremely hot weather.

6. Where are classes held?
The majority of our classes are held at our private training venue in Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury. Please note this is an outdoor venue. Over the winter months we run an evening puppy class at an indoor venue in Stoke Mandeville.

7. What should I bring?
You will receive a confirmation with details of your course and what to bring. In general you will require your dog on a back fitting harness and fixed lead (no flexi-leads) poo bags, lots of yummy treats - I recommend  hot dogs, sausage, chicken, cheese etc cut into very small pieces. We recommend other items too such as a treat bag but these are optional.

** We recommend feeding a very small breakfast for morning classes, or dinner for evening classes as we use a lot of food with the reward based training.

8. Is my dog suitable for classes?
Classes are suitable for any puppy or dog that is happy to be around other dogs/people. If your dog is worried, scared or aggressive around dogs/people we suggest individual training instead.

9.How many dogs are in each class?
We like to keep our classes small to ensure you and your dog receive a good quality of training and can have as much attention as you need, therefore we only have a maximum of 6 dogs in any class.

10. What age can a dog or puppy attend?
Puppies and dogs can attend from any age as long as they have had their vaccinations.

11. I've signed up for puppy classes, will my puppy be trained in 8 weeks?
Puppy classes are designed to give you and your puppy an introduction to the world of being a dog parent. We help you and your puppy gain confidence and learn how to listen to each other whilst introducing the foundations of basic training and confidence building. Puppy classes are the first step on your dog training journey.

12. My dog is an adult dog, is he too old for classes?
We've all heard the saying 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' but you certainly can. Dogs are always learning and can begin training at any age.

13. What training methods do you use?
We only use modern, science based force free, reward based training using positive reinforcement.

14. My bitch has come into season, can I attend class?
We ask owners not to bring bitches in season to classes. Owners are still welcome to attend so that they can watch and still benefit from the class.

15. You say training is for life - what do you mean?
Your dog is always learning so we need to keep training. Owners are teaching all the time, often without realising. By continuing training throughout their lives it helps ensure your dog is learning the right things!

16. I have a specific training problem not covered by your courses. Can you help?
We offer 121 training and remote training (via skype) which can be tailored to your individual requirements. If you can't see a class that suits your needs, send us a message to see how we can help.


1. What is an Adventure?
A Canine Adventure is more than just a walk!
During our Adventures we spend 2 hours out in the fresh air, walking, sniffing, exploring and having fun with your dog. As well as being physically exercised they'll be mentally stimulated too through basic training exercises. We work to improve you and your dog's lives by making your dog-parenting role easier.

2. Where do you walk?
We walk in the beautiful countryside surrounding Aylesbury, always in traffic free locations.

3. How many dogs do you walk at a time?
We aim to walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any one time.
We are insured to walk 6 dogs at once, so occassionally we may have 5 or 6 dogs but will always have 2 handlers.

4. What happens if it rains?
We get wet!
The only time we will cancel walks is in extreme weather conditions, such as snow/ice, thunderstorms and heatwaves.

6. How do you transport the dogs?
We operate from 2 vans (Dorothy & Teresa!) which are fitted with a custom made crating system. Every crate has 2 doors to ensure an 'emergency exit' should someone park too close to us or one of the doors jams. Each dog travels in their own crate to ensure their comfort and safety.

7. How do you decide which dogs walk together?
When introducing a new dog to our Adventures we spend some time with them on an individual basis so that we get to know each other and can assess the dogs character. This enables us to work out which dogs we think they'll like; we always have 2 handlers to begin with until they are properly introduced to the group.

8. Do you wash my dog after their walk?
Unfortunately we don't have the facilities to wash dogs in our vans, we rub them down with a towel and sometimes pop a drying coat to remove the excess dirt/wet. We aim to use our own towels, as nobody wants wet and smelly towels to come home to!

9. Is an Adventure suitable for my puppy?
Due to the nature of our Adventures we do not allow puppies to join in until they are older. However take a look at our puppy care package which can be adapted to suit your needs.

10. How old should my puppy be before they can join a group walk?
Puppies can join our Walks & Adventures when they are fully grown.

11. My dog can't go off lead - can you still walk him?
Yes! As long as your dog is comfortable being around other dogs and doesn't pull excessively on the lead they can still join in the fun.

12. My dog is elderly - will you walk him?
We offer a Chill Hour for older dogs. A relaxed, calm walk for older dogs to enjoy life at a more chilled pace!