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06/07/2024 Training Understanding your pup's behaviour – why the ‘naughty’ label’s unhelpful
Have you ever wondered why your dog’s behaviour can sometimes be a bit, well … random? Like when they...
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01/07/2024 Training Doggy Etiquette – Dealing With Really Friendly Dogs
"It's okay, my dog's friendly!" How many times have you heard this as an off-lead dog barrels towards...
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24/06/2024 Training Judge Much? Why Are We Dog Owners So Judgy?
Have you ever been out walking your dog and felt the weight of someone's disapproving stare? Or perhaps you've...
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16/06/2024 Training Cues and Clickers: The Secret Language of Dog Training (Unleashed!)
  Ever wondered how professional dog trainers seem to have a sixth sense with their canine pupils? Well, the...
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13/05/2024 Training 7 Life Lessons Dogs Teach Us
Welcome, fellow dog lovers, to a paws-itively enlightening journey into the heartwarming world of canine...
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06/05/2024 Training Navigating Your Dog Parenting Journey
Let's dive into the wonderful world of raising our furry friends. It's not just about training; it's about...
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01/05/2024 Training How to prioritise your training needs
Are you a proud dog parent overwhelmed by the myriad of training needs your furry friend requires? You know training...
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23/01/2024 Training The Importance of Letting Your Dog Sniff
As dog owners, we all want to provide the best for our canine companions. It's crucial to understand and fulfil...
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15/01/2024 Training How to Set and Achieve Your Dog Training Goals in 2024
  Welcome to 2024, the year of positive change and growth!   Goal setting is a common practice as we start a...
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14/12/2023 Training The Importance of Rest Days for Dogs
In our fast-paced and busy lives, we often find ourselves in need of a day off to rest and recharge. But have you ever...
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