Puppy Biting

Puppies like to explore textures and new things with their mouths, but those little shark teeth can be surprisingly painful. It is natural for your puppy to bite and nibble you from when they first come home to around 6months, usually it is worse around teething (16-26weeks) but will reduce as long as we show them a suitable alternatives.

Ensure all interactions, play, affection, training and dog:dog play are kept short, puppies become over excited/aroused and over-tired very easily. Tired, excited puppies will almost certainly feel the need to bite more.

If your puppy begins to bite, stop all play and interaction. Fold your arms and turn away until your puppy calms/stops biting. Have a chew ready (keep one in your pocket) and swap hands for a yummy chew.

You can begin to teach your puppy that hands are not for biting by introducing calm stroking whilst feeding treats. Discourage your puppy from using teeth to take treats, by holding the treat in your fist for them to lick at and gently open your hand to release the treat.

Our Top Tips

  • Always look at WHY your puppy is biting and attempt to prevent the situation in the future
  • Provide plenty of chewing opportunities to help satisfy the need
  • Always have a yummy chew to redirect them onto.
  • Ensure they get plenty of sleep and keep interactions calm.
Discover more about puppy biting with our pre-recorded Puppy Biting Webinar

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