Walk & Train Programme

Is your dog in need of some extra training?

Do you find it hard to fit in training time around work commitments?

Do you need a little extra support?

Let Potter Paws ease the pressure!

Our Walk & Train programme will support your training efforts, tick something off your to-do-list and create a happier dog.

It can be hard to fit in regular training practise in day to day life... it's dark when you get home from work, the kids need taking to clubs, dinner needs cooking, it's easier to take your dog for a quick walk so they've had some exercise rather worry about training. Let us help ease that pressure! During our Walk and Train session we can work on whatever areas you'd like to improve, whilst providing essential physical and mental exercise during the day whilst you are busy. Regular short training sessions will help to provide consistency and improve unwanted behaviours.

You and your dog will love our Walk & Train sessions as they make your dog parenting role easier.....

  • Having training sessions in the daytime means less time walking before/after work
  • Your training efforts will be reinforced during our time with your dog
  • Being well exercised (mentally and physically) will create a calmer dog
  • You can relax knowing your dog's training is ticked off the to-do-list!

Your dog will benefit from...
  • Individual attention
  • 121 training practise in real-life situations
  • Experienced handlers with knowledge of modern training techniques

What can we help with?
  • pulling on the lead
  • not coming when called
  • over-excitement
  • pulling through the door
  • focus and attention
  • jumping at people
  • wanting to greet other dogs and people
  • barking
  • confidence building
  • social skills
  • relaxing at cafes
  • puppy socialising
  • and much more...

Be assured your dog is in the best care with Potter Paws. Our Walk & Train sessions are facilitated by Debbie and Sam Potter, both are Canine First Aid trained, DBS Checked and trained in reading Canine Body Language. Debbie is an IMDT qualified dog trainer and Sam is working towards this, all methods used and interaction with your dog is force free and reward based.

Our Walk & Train service is NOT designed to replace the need for YOU to train YOUR dog but it will provide theortical and practical support, guidance and knowledge. We require a minimum of one Walk & Train session per week and advise owners to take advantage of our Owner Transfer sessions. Owner Transfer 45minute sessions are available once a month to transfer the training skills to you and discuss your dog's progress.

Our services are available to those living in Aylesbury and some surrounding villages. Other areas may be available on request, please contact us to discuss.