Puppy Socialisation

Socialisation is the term that relates to puppies learning to interact and relate appropriately to humans, other dogs, animals and life in general. It involves having pleasant and positive encounters with a variety of people, places, environments and situations.

Experiences in the first 12-18months of a puppy's life can play an important role in developing their future character and temperament. Exposing puppies to a variety of different things in a postive way can help them to grow into a happy, confident, easy going adult dog. Good socialisation should focus more on the quality of the interactions rather than the quantity.

Most Puppies are very keen to meet new people and explore, however it is important to ensure your puppy is not overwhelmed. Ask new people to sit on the floor and let your puppy investigate them in their own time, if puppy prefers not to interact but watch from a distance that is ok. Ensure your puppy remains happy throughout any interactions/encounters, if they are showing signs of anxiety (panting, head turns, changes in body language) end the interaction.

Puppies should see things the are likely to encounter in life;
Cars, Buses & Lorries
Other puppies and dogs
Different animals
Bikes, scooters and children playing
Vets, groomers and cafes
People of different ages from toddlers to pensioners

They should also encounter a variety of experiences;
A selection of everyday sounds and some more unusual such as fireworks and thunderstorms
Different smells
A variety of textures
Walking over a selection of different surfaces

Our Top Tips

  • Remember it's quality not quantity
  • Be guided by your puppy and move at a pace they are comfortable with
  • Watch for changes in body language
  • Always be ready to reassure your puppy in new situations
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