Harness Loan Scheme

When you first bring home your puppy it's hard to imagine them as a fully grown dog. Quickly you discover they seem to grow overnight and as soon as you buy them a harness, they've nearly grown out of it! 

When I had my first puppy Dave, I ended up buying 5 different harnesses whilst he was growing which cost me approximately £150.... that's when our harness loan scheme was born!

By joining the loan scheme you ensure your puppy is always in the most comfortable style/design of harness and can keep them happy by spending the extra money you save on new toys and treats!

How does it work?
  • You pay a £25.00 deposit (to cover any loss or damages to the harness)
  • We fit your puppy with a correctly sized and super comfortable 'Perfect Fit' harness
  • On the first of each month, we will invoice you for that month's loan fee (£5.00 per month)
  • You can visit us for a re-fit and change the harness to the next size at any point throughout your loan - initially this may be every fortnight!
Once your puppy's growth has slowed down and they no longer need the next size.You can either:
1 - End your loan, return the harness and we return the deposit (as long as no damages have occured)
2 - Purchase your current loaned harness, as this is likely to be second hand we offer a 25% discount.
3 - Come for a final fitting and select a brand new harness in your choice of colour, with a 10% discount

To arrange your harness fitting please email [email protected] or call 07496 885581

**Please note our Harness Loan Scheme is exclusive for those undertaking training with us**