Reviews from our clients

Julia & Bob

We've joined the Pawsome Pals club. It's great to have regular pals to play and train with, with Debbie on hand as always helping to work through any particular struggles. Lots of fun and adds variety to our weekly activities.

Angela & Ben

From the first session we had with Debbie we noticed differences in Bens interactions with us, which continued as we progressed with the course. All the sessions with Debbie were fun, they covered a range of activities and Ben really enjoyed them. Although the focus of the sessions was on Bens training, the major benefit we found (besides him falling asleep afterwards) was the insights the sessions provided into what Ben was thinking and why he reacted as he did, this allowed much better interactions with Ben. We saw many positive changes in Ben over the course and decided to enroll for a class with other dogs which enabled us to reinforce many of the lessons we had learnt from one to one training in a more social environment.

Trish & Logan

It was great to be outdoors and to learn with other dogs, Debbie and Tash are very knowledgable, supportive and down to earth....and make dog training fun for both dog and owner....looking forward to the next course!

Ranvir Singh

This was a lovely relaxed way to meet other dog owners and learn what works and what doesn’t. In a lovely open field, with lots of props and an invaluable way to start your journey with your new little puppy!

Ruth & Woody

Thank you for a fantastic course! We got so much out of it - Woody has matured so much over these 8 weeks! We've developed a lovely bond through your suggested activities and techniques, and so many people comment on his good behaviour and training already! We will be back for more for sure, thank you!

Adam & Cable

We have had lots of fun learning about sniffing over the last 6 weeks - we can highly recommend this course! Cable is not the best around other dogs in wanting to play or being more interested in what they are up to - but we found during the course that sniffing is an excellent way to focus his mind and towards the end of each lesson was not fussed about what else was going on in the room. He certainly slept well after each lesson also!We really enjoyed this sniffer course and look forward to doing more in the future.