Canine Body Language

Canine Body Language Wouldn’t life be easier if you understood your pet a bit more? Understanding how to talk dog is a game-changer. Here’s a little secret: dogs do speak. So it’s... [ Read more ]


Canine Body Language

Wouldn’t life be easier if you understood your pet a bit more? Understanding how to talk dog is a game-changer.

Here’s a little secret: dogs do speak. So it’s up to us to understand their language!

Our 4-hour Canine Body Language equips you to become fluent in canine communication. Before you know it, you’ll be reading and interpreting the subtle body language and facial expressions of every dog you meet. You may even start predicting your own pet’s behaviour!

Here are some common questions we answer in the course:

This course is essential for professionals and EVERY dog owner. In fact, it’s useful for anyone who regularly encounters dogs. It debunks some of the most commonly misunderstood canine behaviours, transforming your interactions with your dog – and all dogs – forever. It’s an empowering and eye-opening experience.

Here’s what’s you’ll get out of our Canine Body Language course:

  • Plenty of practice identifying canine body language, thanks to our video analysis and theory work.
  • Answers to common questions like: Does your dog want a belly rub if on its back? And is a wagging tail a sign of happiness?
  • Assessment of understanding throughout the course based on participation and knowledge instead of an end-of-course exam.
  • The opportunity to pick the brains of our friendly, expert trainers.
  • The chance to join a wonderful community of fellow dog lovers to share the highs and lows of pet parenthood with.
  • A stronger bond between you and your four-legged friend, as you start to understand their wants and needs.

** Please leave your four-legged friends at home – as much as we love dogs, this course is for humans only.**

​Do you have a group of staff, friends or colleagues? Why not look at hosting your own course at a convenient day/time for you? We can combine our First Aid and Body Language courses into one full day of Canine CPD!

If you have any questions please call Sam on 07971 064851 or email [email protected]


I have just completed the Canine Body Language course and thoroughly recommend it. Sam was really interesting and I feel much better equipped to interpret some of the subtle signs my dog would have tried communicating to me. We had a friendly and interactive group on the course which made the afternoon even more enjoyable. The cakes are fantastic too.
A very worthwhile and informative course! The material is delivered in easy to understand ways by Sam, the trainer, and there are plenty of interactive opportunities where we can put the new skills into practice and try to identify canine body language during the course. I would recommend this course to everyone, whether you're a dog owner or someone who works with dogs. It will make you look at our four-legged friends in a whole new light!
What a great course! This is not just for dog owners, but anyone who might encounter a dog in their day to day lives. We really enjoyed learning more about the different signals that our dog shows us and what they mean. My 12 year old daughter, husband and myself took some really useful hint and tips from the session. My husband comes across dog when working in customers homes, so now he can really read how the dog is feeling when he is in their domain!A friendly and informative course and practical too, putting what we learnt into practice with video’s and pictures. Plenty of time for questions too, thank you Sam we all really really enjoy this session.
Tina Duggan
We really enjoyed participating in this course. It has not only helped is immensely with looking at the subtle signs of our dogs body to understand how he is feeling but helps in our understanding the body language of other dogs that we may come across when out and about.You will certainly look at your dog differently....but in a good way!