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Super Sniffers - Members Did you attend our Sniffers course and now you’ve got the Sniffing bug? Join our club and become a Super Sniffer! Sniffing is a doggy superpower! Join Super... [ Read more ]

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Super Sniffers - Members

Did you attend our Sniffers course and now you’ve got the Sniffing bug? Join our club and become a Super Sniffer!

Sniffing is a doggy superpower! Join Super Sniffers and together we’ll unlock the full potential of your pooch’s nose to reveal scent-sational skills and have plenty of fun along the way.

Each week, we offer a variety of fun-filled sniffing activities to give your pet’s nose a great workout and provide excellent mental and physical enrichment; scentwork provides brilliant all-round benefits for your dog. At the Club we progress through the UK Sniffer Dogs Series, timed trials, team relays and sniffer outings. Members can even give the UK Sniffer Dogs Trials a go. You’ll learn loads and have a blast together!

We’re a friendly bunch at Super Sniffers and love welcoming new members. Whatever your dog’s ability, you’ll be welcomed with open paws and we’ll ensure you’re both working at the right level for you. To get the most out of your experience, we’d recommend you attend a 6-week Beginner course to get the basics under your belt first.

As a Super Sniffers member, we’ll keep it exciting and interesting for your dog as they develop their sniffing superpowers, activities include:
  • Line up searches
  • Pipe searches
  • Chair searches
  • Bag searches
  • Novel environment searches
  • Vehicle searches
  • Practice Trials
  • Timed searches
  • Team searches
  • Trial preparation
  • Introducing new odours
  • Passive and active indications
  • An excellent mental and physical workout for your dog
  • Great fun each and every week
  • A wonderful community of fellow Sniffer fans for you and your pet
​Super Sniffers enjoy at least 42 sessions per year - plenty of opportunities to sharpen up those sniffing skills!

As a member you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits, including cost-effective training, member-only events, discounts on courses and purchases, and more!

Being a Super Sniffers member gives you access to the following suite of exclusive member benefits:
10% discount on any products you buy from our shop
10% discount on any extra courses
10% discount on any 1-2-1 sessions
10% discount on The Potterings’ sessions
Exclusive socials and events
Members-only rucksack
Members-only WhatsApp group

***Membership is a minimum of 3 months and via monthly subscription.***

Class availability
Tuesdays 8pm - FULL
Wednesday 8pm  - 3 spaces
Thursdays 8pm - FULL
Fridays 10.30am - two spaces
Saturdays 9am - FULL
Saturdays 10am – one space

Our classes are held outside at our private training field at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville.

If you have any questions please call us on 07737 506587 or email [email protected]


We did the sniffers course which we both enjoyed so I decided to be brave and go for the Super Sniffers, once I learnt to mind my own business and have confidence that Tori almost knows what she is doing and doesn’t actually need me to find it first! we have so much fun and it is so exciting when you see your dog working it out for themselves
Debbie & Tash always keeps the class fun every week and luckily are very patient and understanding
We look forward to our training every week, it’s definitely a time for just me and Tori and I go home with a very contented dog, we would both highly recommend it.
Tania & Tori
Jack, my young working cocker enjoyed sniffer dog training so much that we joined Super Sniffers. It's relaxed but stimulating and most importantly fun. Plus support is given to owners who are not always as quick to learn as their dogs! Even better a lesson wears him out for the rest of the day. Highly recommended.
We love our sniffers class, and barely miss one! Buddy loves it, it works his brain and tires him out! He is definitely a calmer pup the day after sniffing. Each week is different and it has improved my understanding of sniffing and dogs body language, which in turn has improved my skills as a handler and only improved my relationship with my dog. Can’t wait to keep progressing through the different levels!
Jenna (& Buddy)
After a completing a 6 week introduction course, Myself and Rafi loved the sniffer dog training so much that we joined the super sniffers. This course has taught both of us so much about sniffing and its amazing benefits for dogs. Rafi, being tiny and not what I perceived as a standard 'sniffer dog', never ceases to amaze me. He has made so much progress and we love having our sniffing activities to do either in class or at home!
Irena and Rafi
Super sniffers is great fun - relaxed and so interesting. You can take it at your own (your dog's!!) pace and you can see the progress week by week. I enjoy having a regular time each week to work with my dog - I think it helps the bond between us and reinforces other training. Your dog also gets to meet other dogs in a very controlled way which is good practice. Debbie is great; positive and encouraging. On top of that, you get the extra opportunities - we have joined a Pancake Day themed sniffer session and have been swimming in the doggie pool! Thoroughly recommend this - and Poppy is exhausted and sleeps for ages afterwards.
Clare & Poppy
Being part of the Super Sniffers group is great for both of us, there is so much to learn about how your dog thinks and sniffs which I find fascinating. I love seeing my dog doing what she’s meant to do and I am amazed at how quickly she picks things up. Debbie teaches in a non judgemental way so the sessions are always enjoyable, I thoroughly recommend Super Sniffers.
Zoe & Jura
We absolutely love Super Sniffers! It is brilliant to watch your dog doing something that it is so superbly designed for, and it is amazing how quickly they pick up the idea of searching for the particular items that they are trained to, and indicating their finds. As they progress week to week, they move on to searching different places and articles, including bag, chair and vehicle searches, and each dog has it's own searching method. Some are careful and methodical, some are ultra-enthusiastic and excited! Debbie and Tash always use fun and kind training methods, so that the dogs and owners build on their training week by week, and you really can see the dogs learning to focus on the task. It really is a joy to watch them doing scentwork, and I'd highly recommend it, whatever age or breed of your dog.

Beth and Shadow