Puppy Survival Guide

Ensure you feel as prepared and confident as you can!

Are you awaiting your new puppy's arrival with excitement?

I expect so, as welcoming a puppy to the family is an extremely exciting time. As you approach the all important puppy-day it's normal for some worries, concerns and anxieties to start creeping in

Have I got everything we need?
Do I know enough to tide me over the first few weeks before attending classes?
What do I do first?

It's totally normal to start panicking, despite the excitement!
You've raided the local pet shops, had lots of advice from friends and family but you're still probably starting to panic about what you actually need to do over the first few weeks to help your puppy settle in.

That's where we come in and can help put your mind at ease! Our Guide will help you to:

Prepare their area for sleep

Tackle Toilet Training

Build their car confidence for future jounreys

Know when to start the all-important socialisation

Our New Puppy Survival Guide is now available to help you feel more prepared for the arrival of your new family member

Discover what to expect in the first few days, how to look at the world through your dog's eyes and have a better understanding of what your puppy needs

Once you've read our guide you'll breathe a sigh of relief and can concentrate on being excited!
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Who are we?

As well as living alongside three retrievers, Debbie also shares life with two teenage daughters and her husband - so has experience of welcoming both children and puppies into a household and all the many tribulations this brings!

Debbie is the Founder, Director and Head Trainer at Potter Paws, an independent family run business specialising in Family Dog Training

Her passions include puppies, loose-lead training and scent detection. She is passionate about coaching families to be successful in their dog-parenting role and helping create confident, skilled humans and dogs to make every day life a little easier - ensuring you and your best friend have the best life together