Reliable Recall Tips

Discover our top tips to improve your walks

Do you spend your walks calling after your dog, trying to get them back on a lead?

You thought walks would be the most enjoyable part of living with a dog but currently they're an embarrassment!

It's not quite the lifestyle you were planning and it's easier to stay away from other people and dogs than keep apologising for disturbing them.

Don't panic - it's pretty common!
Not coming back when called is probably one of the most common areas we help people improve with their dogs.
Let's face it, NOT chasing birds, following smells and exploring is quite unnatural, so from our dogs perspective - why stop having fun and doing what dogs do best?

There are many quick fixes out there, but none are more successful than training spending time strengthening your relationship and teaching your dog to want to hang out near you and return when asked to.

What if I told you there were better ways to tackle recall than just shouting and getting cross!
The key to improving recall is to understand:

WHY your dog doesn't come back

WHAT to do to prevent the situation

WHEN to work on it

HOW to show them an alternative


Our 7 Top Tips For a Reliable Recall Guide is now available to help you understand more about why your dog doesn't come back and how to start addressing it.

Discover how correct management can be a game changer, learn more about your dog's motivation and some simple exercises to help you feel more confident in how to start your training.

Once you've read our tips you will feel more prepared to tackle your recall journey
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Who are we?

As well as living alongside three retrievers, Debbie also shares life with two teenage daughters and her husband - so has experience of welcoming both children and puppies into a household and all the many tribulations this brings!

Debbie is the Founder, Director and Head Trainer at Potter Paws, an independent family run business specialising in Family Dog Training.

Her passions include puppies, loose-lead training and scent detection. She is passionate about coaching families to be successful in their dog-parenting role and helping create confident, skilled humans and dogs to make every day life a little easier - ensuring you and your best friend have the best life together.