Watch me!

Watch me! Do you struggle to gain your dog's focus? Are they nose down sniffing forgetting you exist? Easily distracted? Do you feel like you're talking to yourself? Join us for a Watch me 3... [ Read more ]

£115.00 per dog

Watch me!

Do you struggle to gain your dog's focus? Are they nose down sniffing forgetting you exist? Easily distracted? Do you feel like you're talking to yourself?

Join us for a Watch me 3 week course!

This short course is designed to improve your dogs focus and engagement. You'll learn games and activities to make it easier for them to pay you attention and be ready to listen when out and about.  

Watch me! is suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and abilities (must be comfortable working around other dogs)

The 3 week course is suitable for mixed abilities and will be tailored to ensure you are working at the level appropriate to your dog.

Your Watch me! short course will include;
  • how work with your dog rather than against them
  • how to gain focus
  • how to keep attention
  • essential skills to improve walks
  • 2 x Polite Pooch sessions - Our 30-minute sessions to continue working on polite manners are held monthly. Two are included but you can always book more for just £10 per session.

Our classes are relaxed, informative and fun. A maximum of 6 dogs per class we ensure dogs and owners have space and time to progress.

Our classes are held outside at our private training field at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville.

If our class days/times don't suit we offer a variety of other services including Courses, Workshops, 121 training and a Training SOS phone/skype support call

If you have any questions please call us on 07737 506587 or email [email protected]



I attended the Watch Me course recently with my 2 year old lab who sometimes is a bit stubborn and occasionally seems to have selective hearing!!! The course was brilliant, the whole family attended and we all learnt great tools to use. The course was focused, informative and fun! We needed help in getting our 4 legged friend to focus on us and although it’s work in progress, it was well worth it.
I booked my, nearly, 2 year old boy onto the Warch Me course as I felt we just needed a little shove in the right direction. He can sometimes be a little akward around other dogs, so knowing there would only be a maximum of 5 other dogs, with plenty or space between us, was a massive tick for us.
His walking had become better overall, but we were still lacking a little communication.
The training is very relaxed and friendly and each session guides you through short activities you can practice at home, which enable your dog to make better choices and you to become a better owner.
We really enjoyed learning lots of new skills and building our relationship. Being able to ask questions throughout or check you're doing things right, was invaluable.
Our Labrador, Ted, had become obsessed with sniffing and was dragging us from place to place. We, in turn, had resorted to saying his name over and over to no avail! This course was fantastic for all of us. Debbie was patient, informative and encouraging, providing us with exercises to work on which actually worked. Ted's focus and engagement improved greatly and walks became enjoyable again. Thank you, Debbie, for a much-needed and valuable reset for all of us.
Lynn & Barry
We attended the “Watch Me” course to address Duffy’s terrier habit of being interested in everything and everybody. It worked. We now pay much more attention to each other.
Lately there have been a couple of wins where other dogs have barked at him and he sat there, turned his head to me and came to sit at my feet. The old Duffy would have barked back and attempted to investigate. He’s even asking permission to go and get treats (when he’s on the lead). Still working on permission to go and say hello to people, but he’s getting better every day.
A really valuable course, it’s made walks much more enjoyable.


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