Total Recall

Total Recall Does your dog go deaf in the park? Do you end up chasing after him? Would you like him to come back when called? Make calling after your dog a thing of the past! The course is suitable... [ Read more ]

£195.00 per dog

Total Recall

Does your dog go deaf in the park? Do you end up chasing after him? Would you like him to come back when called?

Make calling after your dog a thing of the past!

The course is suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities, whether you have an excitable puppy, a boisterous teenager or an older dog! As the course is suitable for mixed abilities it will be tailored to ensure you are working at the level appropriate to your dog.

Your Total Recall course will include;
  • Learning why your dog doesn't want to come back
  • Equipment - advice and recommendations
  • Teaching your dog to want to hang out near you
  • Fun games you can practise at home
  • Making coming back to you worthwhile
  • Focusing around distractions
  • Social Manners - how to greet politely and recall from dogs/humans appropriately**
  • A 5m long line
**interactions will be group dependant.

Classes are relaxed, informative and fun. A maximum of 6 dogs per class we ensure dogs and owners have space and time to progress.

Dogs will be required to wear a back fitting harness during training for safety when using long-lines.

Please Note, this course is suitable for dogs who are comfortable in the presence of other dogs, if your dog is human or dog reactive a series of 121 training would be more suitable. Please contact us prior to booking if you are unsure if this course is suitable for you.

Classes are held outside at our private training field at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville.

If our class days/times don't suit we offer a variety of other services including Courses, Workshops, 121 training and a Training SOS phone/skype support call

If you have any questions please call us on 07737 506587 or email [email protected]


Poppy and I completed the Total Recall course and would really recommend it. Debbie gave us the tools to develop my confidence and help improve Poppy’s recall (she’s a young, independent Boxer!). The course is clear and fun with lots of individual attention.
Really impressed with how much Panda improved in his attention and recall with Debbie on this course and anyone who knows a Fox Terrier will appreciate this is an amazing achievement. The course actually taught me a lot about how I need to be as a dog owner….so I guess it’s a training course for humans as well as our dogs ! well done and big thank you Debbie.
Silla & Panda
The Total Recall course helped me to understand why Luna seemed to be ignoring me when she was off the lead and gave me useful strategies to use. We both enjoyed the course and I saw a big difference in her recall, although training is definitely an on going process!
I would recommend Potter Paws for their knowledge, professionalism and friendly approach.
Linda and Luna
The positive reinforcement approach Debbie and Tash promote has helped us work with our Boxer dog to get from almost completely ignoring us to an engaged companion. Training will always continue but with the Potter Paws' positive techniques and the trainers' friendly manner I'm more than happy to recommend them.
We have finished our total recall with Debbie and what an improvement!!!From a selfish,stubborn patterdale pup who would ignore us,to one now that comes back when we call him Instantly.Taking Archie out is now less of a chore, and is much more relaxed and fun to go on thanks to Debbie's tips and advice so thank you :)Debbie also explained everything clearly and was always on stand by should we need any guidance.Myself and my husband really enjoyed total recall and would happily recommend potter paws in the future to any other dog parents.
Sarah And Archie
We have recently done the Total Recall course with our dog Bella. We still have lots to work on, but Tash gave us loads of tips to make recall fun with our dog. It has really built our confidence with recall, and now we have the tools to work on this at home and on walks. The classes are small so you can get specific feedback from the trainer, which we found really useful. Thank you Potter Paws!
Jemma and Bella
Lani, my dog, loved these sessions - they were such fun. We learnt a variety of games to help reinforce what we were being taught and Debbie explained the theory behind what she was teaching and where I could improve things to help Lani.
The whole experience was positive and fun. I would 100% recommend Potters Paws .
Potter Paws are fantastic. I started with the total recall which was very instructive and lots of attention given to each dog even in a class environment. Being outside gives the closest feel to a normal walk which is perfect for training! Would recommend to anyone with a dog!!
I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 12months old. While on holiday on a beach in Wales all the other dogs appeared to be off their leads. Maple did't have a great recall and would often jump up at people. All week she was on the lead on the beach. Well it was off to Potter Paws for a proper review for myself and Maple. The 4 week course was easy and intuitive and built on the positives. It was great for both of us. It gave me time to dedicate to Maple. With family life she is often the tag along. Its made me want to do more with Maple as she responded well and I am continuing to build on the lessons learn't. It also made me realise that Maple is really not that difficult compared to one or two of the other dogs on the course. Last weekend we went walking with another SBT off the lead and even in the middle of playing I was able to recall her back to me as a third dog bounded up wanting to play. I was really pleased with this recall, the best to date.
I have just completed the course with Tash and it’s been brilliant practising recall in the presence/distraction of other dogs and all the way through FUN using a mixture of games, treats and toys. Bella’s recall is ongoing work being a nosy over friendly Labrador, however since I have become more consistent and grown in confidence then so has her recall. My recall toolbox has expanded - thanks Tash!
I recently completed Total Recall online due to lock-down. Despite not having the distractions of other dogs around during the training it was still such a useful experience. I learnt a lot to ensure that I was able to gain my dog's focus when we are out and have noticed a massive improvement in his ability to come to me quickly. With our new skills we are both enjoying walks again, my dog is now back off-lead when it's safe to do so and thanks to Debbie's help and guidance the stress and worry of whether he would come back has gone. He does return and is staying with me when other dogs or interesting humans pass us.
Oscar and I did the Total Recall course recently. At 9 months old he was not great at recall with so many exciting sights, sounds and smells, not to mention other dogs, to distract him on walks! We learnt lots of useful strategies and had plenty of opportunities to practise recall skills. The class was small and friendly and fun for dogs and owners alike. We don't have it cracked yet but we do have the tools we need to keep practising!

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