Life Skills

Life Skills Unleash Your Dog's Potential with The Life Skills Training Course: Boost Confidence, Improve Relationship and Every Day Skills! Do you want to brush up on your general... [ Read more ]

£175.00 per dog

Life Skills

Unleash Your Dog's Potential with The Life Skills Training Course: Boost Confidence, Improve Relationship and Every Day Skills!

Do you want to brush up on your general training skills but aren’t sure where to start?

The Life Skills course is for you!

Get the essential skills you need to feel confident with your dog! This fun-filled foundation class uses science-based techniques and activities you’ll both enjoy. Working with our expert trainers, you’ll improve your dog's basic skills for every day success.

Our classes are small so we can give you the time, space and support to make progress. Whether you have an excitable puppy, a boisterous teenager or an adult set in their ways, we tailor our course content to ensure you’re working at the right level for your dog.

If you’re looking to learn in a relaxed and friendly doggy community, join us!

Your course will include:
  • Teaching your dog to want to hang out with you
  • Strengthening and developing 'sit' and 'down' in varying scenarios
  • Foundations of heelwork
  • Teaching your dog that listening to you is the best choice
  • Relaxing around people/dogs
  • Fun games and activities to make your days a little easier
  • Social Manners - how to interact with dogs/humans appropriately
This course is for dogs over 18 weeks old who are comfortable in the presence of other dogs and can focus on their owner in a group setting. If your dog is human- or dog-reactive, overly excitable, or easily distracted, a series of 1-2-1 training would be more suitable. Please contact us before booking if you’re unsure if this course is right for you.

Please note: Loose lead walking and recall skills are not covered in this course. Please see Total Recall and Lovely Leads.

Classes are held outside at our private training venue at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville.

If you have any questions please call us on 07737 506587 or email [email protected]



I did this course with my 6 month old Springer as I'm new to dog owning (I had another decades ago...) and wanted to make sure I got off to a good start.
it was a really enjoyable course and we bother learnt a lot. Being an in person course, you get lots of immediate feedback, suggestions and observations, and also learn lots of small things you might otherwise never find out.

The course was great fun, very friendly and informative. So much so, we booked to go on another.
We loved the Ultimate Dog course! We found it really helped with our dog Bella's focus around other dogs and other humans. Debbie and Tash had loads of tips and tricks that we have been able to take away, and they were always happy to answer any questions we had. Both Bella and I have learnt a lot in this course, and we will continue working on exercises that we did in class.
A very well run course, professionally delivered. It was fun, informative and relaxed. We learned lots of tips and tricks, and received a really helpful ‘plan’ to enable us to continue the work at home. A lovely touch was the postcard received during the ‘half-term’ break giving support and encouragement. Would highly recommend. We have now moved on to another of the Potter Paws courses and expect to do more. They are also excellent value.
Melita and Alfie
I was a little apprehensive about taking my boisterous 7 month old puppy to the Ultimate Dog course.
Would he be able to do any of the exercises? Would he be well enough behaved or be able to concentrate long enough to participate in the class?
Well, the answer to all of those questions was yes! The class was great fun and delivered by Debbie in such a way that every exercise had multiple levels so that every participant could succeed.
Woody and I learnt new words like parkour and mooching and were given lots of tips and guidance on how to make our recall, loose lead walking and staying more effective.
We even learnt a trick or two. Great course, still a work in progress but getting there, thank you .
Stella and Woody
A really good informative and relaxed atmosphere and the dogs are very calm and enjoy the class and everyone comes away more informed and connected with there dog and a much more modern approach to dog training thoroughly recommend
Chris Connett
The ultimate walks course was brilliant for our 7-8 month puppy Hugo. The first 4 of our 6 sessions were held over Zoom due to lockdown and it has to be said that we certainly felt that this was a massive benefit to the dogs. (Plus it was freezing and wet so being in the house was nice so we could keep warm!) It gave us a chance to embed some of the core skills before putting them into practice once we were allow back into the field again. This was particularly important for us as Hugo is fixated with dogs and has a hard time diverting his attention anywhere else so learning new skills with a couple doggy friends around wasn’t going to be easy. We have taken away so many invaluable skills to help walks become more stress free and combat any hurdles we might encounter along the way and we look forward to trying to improve Hugo’s training further. I would highly recommend the ultimate walks course and also any online courses that Debbie puts on in future. I think these work very well and would be a real benefit to any dog owner.
Matt and Hugo