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Getting to know our Instructor, Sam Potter

25/01/2021 - Training

Some of you might have already met our Instructor, Sam, when attending our Canine First Aid and Body Language courses. It's always nice to know a little more about the person behind the uniform. Our other staff members came up with some questions for Sam to answer and here you'll find the answers!
What's your dream holiday?
I would love to hire an RV and tour the sights of America. It would have to include visiting the Grand Canyon and staying on a ranch listening to country and western songs around a campfire, although I'll leave the actual horse-riding part to someone else!
How do you like to spend your days off?
My ideal day off is to go on a super long walk with the dogs (and the family!) with the obligatory stop at a pub for a drink/lunch.

What's your favourite thing about instructing our courses?
I love seeing the smile of student's faces when they enjoy the subject and you know that the knowledge you are sharing will stay with them and benefit them in the future. The courses I teach are so valuable and can really improve the relationship between human and dogs. They also give owners confidence that they know how to look after their pet.
If you had to pick your favourite dog breed, which would it be?
Without a doubt, a Golden Retriever, the same breed as my first dog, Leo. He was an amazing dog in every way, however I worry another woulnd't live up to his legacy.
You can watch any tv programme, what would it be?
I love watching re-runs of Only Fools and Horses, no matter how many times I've watched them they still make me laugh!
Why do you love dogs?
The unconditional love is priceless! Dogs are so easy going and always up for a game or equally a relaxing cuddle.
If you could have a conversation with anyone in the world who would it be?
Following on from my favourite TV programme, it would have to be Delboy and Rodney over a pint in the Nags Head.
Share your favourite walk with us
I'm a big fan of the Lake District so it would have to be the lakeside walk along Lake Ullswater from Howtown to Glenridding, there are stunning views and it's also where I got married so has special memories.
Do you have a favourite book?
I don't read much but I do like Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNab which is an account of an SAS patrol working in Iraq.
Snow or sun?
It has to be snow - it's easier to wrap up if you're cold than cool down if you're hot.

We hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about Sam, if you have any other questions drop him an email.