Pawsome Pals (MEMBERS)

Pawsome Pals - Training Club Ready to elevate your dog’s skills from everyday to exceptional? Make your BFF (Best Four-legged Friend!) the best they can be with Pawsome Pals Training Club!... [ Read more ]

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Pawsome Pals - Training Club

Ready to elevate your dog’s skills from everyday to exceptional? Make your BFF (Best Four-legged Friend!) the best they can be with Pawsome Pals Training Club!

Pawsome Pals Training Club - the ultimate all-round, ongoing training for you and your pet.

Each week, you’ll learn and play together while honing key skills that will help them thrive in daily life. But there’s more! We tailor monthly and weekly training themes to suit you using the latest science-based techniques. So your sessions will be a paw-fect fit! And if you’re up for a challenge,
you can even give our Potter Paws Pawcademy Grades a go.

We are a relaxed and friendly training community that loves welcoming new members. Whatever your furry friend’s ability, we cater to all skill levels. You’ll be part of a supportive club of fellow dog-lovers who’ll be with you every step of the way. To get the most out of Pawsome Pals, we recommend you start with a six-week General or Puppy course beforehand to learn the basics.

As a Training Club member, a treasure trove of benefits awaits you, including cost-effective training, exclusive events, discounts on courses and purchases and more!

What to expect as a Pawsome Pals Training Club member:
  • Overall obedience: sit, stay, recall, lead manners and more
  • Social manners: greet and interact with other dogs appropriately
  • Terrific tricks: spin, bow, peek-a-boo, roll over and more!
  • Play skills: fun-filled training through play
  • Canine Hoopers: navigate hoops, tunnels and barrels
  • Canine Parkour: gain confidence in mastering obstacles
  • Scent work: unleash the power of your pet’s nose!
  • FUN-gility: enjoy a fun, athletic, agility-style course
  • A great mental and physical workout for your pet
  • A welcoming and supportive community of like-minded, dog-loving folk
  • Fantastic fun each and every week!

As a Pawsome Pals Training Club member, you’ll enjoy these exclusive member benefits:
​10% discount on any products you buy from our shop
10% discount on any extra courses
10% discount on any 1-2-1 sessions
10% discount on The Potterings’ sessions
Exclusive socials and events
Members-only rucksack
Members-only WhatsApp group

Tuesdays 7pm - 1 space
Wednesdays 9.30am - 2 spaces
Wednesdays 7pm - 2 spaces
Thursdays 7pm - FULL
Fridays 9.30am - FULL
Saturdays 9am - FULL
Saturdays 11am - 1 space
Saturdays 12noon - 3 spaces

***Membership is a minimum of 3 months and via monthly subscription.***

Membership Options
1. Standard: weekly Pawsome Pals sessions (on a set day)
2. Silver: weekly sessions and either six courses per year or Super Sniffers/Hooping Hounds
3. Gold - weekly sessions and either twelve courses per year or six courses per year and Super Sniffers/Hooping Hounds

Our classes are held outside at our private training field at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville.

If you have any questions please call us on 07737 506587 or email [email protected]


I take Harley training on Tuesdays. After an accident I felt I’d lost my confidence a bit and thought regular training would help.
Debbie and Tash are great, very calm, knowledgeable and encouraging.
Harley and I enjoy our training sessions and have learned lots. I like that we do different things every week and revisit training exercises rather than doing the same thing every week. It keeps Harley interested in his training.
There are lots of one off workshops and more specialist courses. We have done a Hoopers workshop and are planning on doing a sniffers / tracking course in the future.
I’m really happy with the training and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Elaine Brown
We absolutely love Pawsome Pals! We work towards Pawcademy grades which include a variety of useful, everyday skills, but we also have weeks where we do tasters of other classes such as sniffers, hoopers and fungility (Poppy’s favourite)! We also love the themed weeks around occasions like Halloween and Christmas! Apart from the skills we learn in class it is a great opportunity for Poppy to practice being calm and settling around other dogs as well as engagement and focus on me. As with everything Poppy has good and bad weeks but there is absolutely no judgement when she gets zoomies mid class! I also love that it’s some time each week that is completely dedicated to Poppy and her training.

Being a member means that you meet with the same likeminded people every week and have a support network within which you can have catch up and a laugh! There are always opportunities in class to ask the trainer any specific questions you might have and members are able to attend a coffee and chat once a month, again to ask any specific questions. Recently I have asked so many questions as Poppy has been suffering with a stubborn ear infection which has affected her behaviour and we have felt so supported by Tash, Debbie and our class mates, I cannot thank them all enough! There are also members events sporadically throughout the year that we enjoy taking part in!

Also Poppy LOVES Tash! ❤️
Lauren and Poppy
We’ve been going for a year, our dog Mei loves every session, Debbie and Tash are great. Would recommend.
Mei, H & Ron
Tucker and I have been going to Pawsome Pals for 8 months and it’s brilliant fun. The sessions are so varied we are learning new skills every week and it’s a really supportive environment to gain more confidence with your dog. Tucker is now 2 years old and when we started at Potter Paws he was really reactive with other dogs especially on a lead. I had some 121 sessions with Tash and never thought I would be able to join in a class with other dogs …. But we have and Tucker is improving every week. It’s a really friendly class and everyone is so positive and helpful. I really recommend weekly classes, Debbie and Tash give us so much advice and practical help and Tucker loves meeting up with his class mates.
Lisa and Tucker
Me and Rafi have been in pawsome pals for 8 months now and we have really enjoyed being part of such a supportive and friendly group of people. Tash and Debbie are so attentive and supportive. They get to know all the dogs so well that they can really recognise their strengths and areas of improvement. They always have supportive and effective advice for training and sessions are always relaxed, tailored to your dogs level/needs and most importantly super fun! The dogs and humans love it equally!
Irena and Rafi
Bob and I have been Friday Pawsome Pals members since she was a pup and have completed a variety of training courses; in field, on line and via zoom. As a first time Hoomum, I knew next to nothing about raising a doggy kid. Bob and I have both been able to develop loads of different skills through the Potter Paws philosophy of learning through play, fun and kindness. What has helped me most is learning to just relax and be patient, both with Bob and myself. Not every game / trick / lesson floats her boat (or mine) so it doesn't matter if we don't get the hang of something, we can still just enjoy being out and about and having fun with doggy and human pals - with the security blanket of Debbie and Tash on hand to encourage and advise. Like a lot of first time puppy parents, I thought we'd do a puppy training course and we'd be set. I soon discovered that training is indeed for life - not just because there's always something new to learn but because we both really enjoy it and have made loads of new pals.
Julia Larner
We have been taking Cable to Pawsome Pals for a number of years now - its is perfect for our on going training, learning next tricks and skills and to keep topping up his social and general obedience skills around other dogs.

Debbie and Tash are always thinking up of new things each week so no two sessions feel the same.

This has certainly become our go to Saturday activity come rain or shine!
I love going to Pawsome Pals knowing that Logan and I are going to spend time with like minded people who all want the best for their dog and we are very well supported with the help of the trainers Debbie and Tash.
Come rain or shine we are there in the field (unless in lockdown!) and I love how the training is relaxed, fun and so rewarding! We learn practical skills that can be applied anywhere and it has helped Logan socially having distractions but still listen and focus on me and it has helped me to build confidence and trust in him.
Trish and Logan
Pawsom pals you have been a life saver! Ruby loves the weekly class and fun activities and it is great to be up, out and back with a sleepy pup all by 10am on a Saturday.
Having only just graduated from juniors I worried that Ruby and I would be playing catch up but everything is done at your own pace with is just what we needed. Ruby and I continue to strengthen our bond while playing and having fun. Seeing the same people each week gives you a sense of belonging especially if I have had a tough week.
Rachael Myall
I attend Pawsome Pals with my dog Murphy. We have so much fun! Its a great way to continue with training whilst having fun and meeting new friends (for both of us) We do a bit of everything and the beauty is its so flexible that if there is something you really want to cover it can be put into the session. Its really helped us with Murphys lead walking and also his ability to focus on me around other dogs.
Tash & Murphy
We've joined the term time (Friday) club. It's great to have regular pals to play and train with, with Debbie on hand as always helping to work through any particular struggles. Lots of fun and adds variety to our weekly activities.
Julia Larner