Parkour Beginners

Canine Parkour Fancy trying something dynamic and different with your dog? Boost their confidence and improve their agility skills while having a blast together? Give Canine Parkour a go! Like the... [ Read more ]

£85.00 per dog

Canine Parkour

Fancy trying something dynamic and different with your dog? Boost their confidence and improve their agility skills while having a blast together?

Give Canine Parkour a go!

Like the human variety, Canine Parkour is a physically challenging but seriously fun activity. Also known as Urban Agility, it develops your dogs body awareness as they learn to interact with their environment in innovative ways. Your pet will navigate obstacles by climbing, balancing and jumping, building confidence in their abilities while keeping fit and healthy.

Our classes are relaxed and small – a maximum of 6 dogs per class – so you’ll have the time and space to develop at your own pace. And you can take advantage of our expert trainers’ full attention, getting the answers to any questions you may have as you learn Parkour together.

Here’s what you’ll get from our Canine Parkour course:

  • A mental and physical workout your pet pal will love.
  • Quality bonding time as you both learn new skills, build trust and have fun together.
  • Better daily walks as you and your four-legged friend use your newfound skills to make the most of your surroundings.
  • An opportunity to tap the knowledge of our experienced expert trainers.
  • A community of like-minded dog-loving folk to share your experiences with.

Parkour is an exclusive sport! We want dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes to enjoy the many benefits of Parkour. Prior agility experience isn’t necessary as we adapt the activities and tailor the course content to ensure your dog works at the appropriate level. While basic obedience is an advantage, it isn’t a necessity for you to enjoy the course.

Our classes are held outside at our private training venue at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville.

Please Note, group courses are suitable for dogs who are comfortable in the presence of other dogs, if your dog is human or dog reactive a series of 121 training would be more suitable. Please contact us prior to booking if you are unsure if this course is suitable for you.


If you have any questions please call us on 07737 506587 or email [email protected]


This 3 week course was excellent as a proper intro for Rocket to Parkour - secure field, lots of objects to deal with and Debbie was extremely clear on her instructions of what both myself and Rocket had to do & great at praising Rocket for a job well done.
Having a reactive dog to people I never dreamt I could take Tori to dog training but when I saw an advert for Potters Paws and the beginners Parkcour course I thought I would take a chance and if she couldn’t cope I would just bring her home but she absolutely loved the activities and learning new things her focus was on me and not ( much) on anyone else 😁everyone gave her space and she even said hello on her own to Debbie by the end of the course. We both enjoyed it so much that we came home and booked another course which we are looking forward to starting.
I heard about Debbie and her classes through Facebook as she lives locally. I really wanted to get my 6 year old Labrador Minnie to learn some new skills and be less obsessed with her ball. We first of all did Parkour, then the intro to Sniffer School and then some of the Houndschool classes and they were just fantastic! Obviously as it was during Covid the classes were virtual which I was a bit nervous about but really needn’t have been as Debbie is knowledgeable, calm and explains everything so well. The Parkour class really got Minnie to focus on different skills, using objects to put her paws on, balance as well as go under things. I learned new ways of coaching Minnie and we now look for objects out and about she can get up on... she looks so proud every time she does it! The sniffing class was also fantastic, Minnie really got so much out of it and she was so good at finding the kong....even without food in! It also really demonstrated to me that there are other ways to stimulate and tire Minnie out other than walks and ball throw! We wouldn’t have got half as much out of it without the patience, expertise and calm, pragmatic training from Debbie. Would highly highly recommend!
Helen Maslin
Thanks for a great beginners course in Parkour. It was good to practice all the different aspects of Parkour over the 3 weeks with the emphasis on making it positive and fun for the dogs while keeping them safe. We learned so much! Lovely to see Fynn growing in confidence and we are enjoying practicing this on our walks. Looking forward to more courses in the future. Thank you. Jane and Fynn