Would you like to discover the power of your dog's nose? Looking to improve confidence, reactivity, regain focus? Maybe you just want to have some quality time with your dog? The UK Sniffer Dog... [ Read more ]

£150.00 per dog

Would you like to discover the power of your dog's nose?

Looking to improve confidence, reactivity, regain focus? Maybe you just want to have some quality time with your dog? The UK Sniffer Dog courses are for you!

This 6 week course will introduce you to scent training techniques through a variety of fun exercises to help turn your pet dog into a Scent Detection Dog. Ideal for pet dogs to use their nose to it's full potential, scentwork will not only provide mental stimulation it will also improve your dog's confidence, excitement, focus and general happiness and optimism.

The UK Sniffer Dog Beginners course will include;
  • Introducing a Scent and passive indication
  • Line up searches
  • Pipe searches
  • Chair searches
Scent Detection is FULLY INCLUSIVE and suitable for dogs of all ages (including puppies), all physical abilties, nervous, reactive and excitable dogs*.

Our classes are relaxed, informative and fun with an 'ask the trainer' tea break. A maximum of 6 dogs per class we ensure dogs and owners have space and time to progress.

**PLEASE advise when booking if your dog is particularly nervous or reactive.

Our classes are held outside at our private training field at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville.

If our class days/times don't suit we offer a variety of other services including Short courses, Workshops, 121 training and a Training SOS phone/skype support call

If you have any questions please call Debbie on 07870 631580 or email [email protected]


Maple and I recently completed the sniffing course and I can honestly say that we both loved it! Maple was so excited as soon as we arrived at the venue every week and Tash included lots of activities to challenge all the dogs in the group. I feel that it has strengthen the bond that we have and it was lovely to see her working mental and yes.... it did tire her out ( something which had really never been done before!) We have now joined Super Sniffers, which we continue to enjoy. We also practice some of the activities at home, which is fantastic as we can involve the whole family. I would thoroughly recommend to everyone to have a go at the Sniffers course.
Becca and Maple
Sniffing...who would have thought it was so engrossing and tiring (for us both).Focus isnt my boys greatest asset but even he managed it!!Debbie is there with loads of encouragement and support.Great course..and now we have loads of games to play at home!
Myself and Murphy did Series 1, Sniffer course when he was 6 months old. Everyone had told me I'd never be able to wear a Springer wrong they were! We loved our 6 week course and got so much from it. It strengthened our bond and really built on our relationship. You could see Murphy thoroughly enjoyed it and it was amazing to see his confidence grow each week as he started to search different items. We had so much fun on sniffers and will definitely continue.
We have had lots of fun learning about sniffing over the last 6 weeks - we can highly recommend this course! Cable is not the best around other dogs in wanting to play or being more interested in what they are up to - but we found during the course that sniffing is an excellent way to focus his mind and towards the end of each lesson was not fussed about what else was going on in the room. He certainly slept well after each lesson also!We really enjoyed this sniffer course and look forward to doing more in the future.
As with all of Debbie’s courses this is excellent. It’s a great way to be with your dog and fascinating to learn about what they can do and how quickly they progress. Debbie has lots of interesting information to share so we’re coming back for more sniffer training as don’t want to stop now.
Zoe Fyfe
Minnie and I have just completed the Sniffer Dog Part 1 course over 6 weeks. Minnie is a very clever Labrador but obsessed by her ball so I wanted to find something that would stimulate her mentally. This course did that and more! The course built in its difficulty over the weeks and as well as really focusing Minnie and getting her working, it was so fantastic to build a bond with her... when Saturday came, she couldn’t wait to get her harness on and get to class!Debbie is so patient, explains everything clearly and is encouraging even when, on one week Minnie needed quite a bit of help as she was tired. Debbie shares tips and support to help do some training in between the classes and, again, Minnie loved the challenge of this!! She was exhausted after every session showing just how much she had to concentrate.... Saturday afternoons were very quiet!! We also have a 1 year old rescue lab who I am going to sign up to do this course as it was just so great at providing focus, mental stimulation and enjoyment for both dog and their human!!
Helen Maslin