As dog lovers (and keen walkers!) we pride ourselves on welcoming your 4-legged friend to our Potter Paws family; treating them with the same love and care that we give our own dogs.
  • Adventures take place in the beautiful Chilterns countryside surrounding Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  • Locations include woodlands, fields and parts of the Ridgeway to name a few. These are quiet areas with minimal vehicular traffic.
  • Our walkers are trained in Canine First Aid and Canine Body Language, they also have a current DBS check.
  • We strictly walk 4 dogs per walker and a maximum of 6 per group walk.
  • Dogs are transported in either 'Dorothy' or 'Theresa' our vans which are both fitted with a custom made guard system, ensuring your dogs safety. Each dog travels in their own crated area.
  • Dogs are only left unattended in our vehicles for a very limited time when collecting/returning dogs.
  • Your house keys will be unaddressed and when not in use, secured in a locked box.
  • Our Adventures start and finish with all dogs on lead. We carry 1 lead per dog throughout the walk/adventure
  • We encourage owners to provide a harness fitted for your dog; if not available we will use our own harnesses
  • We always have fresh water with us.
  • We use biodegradable poo bags
  • We carry yummy natural treats to share!
  • After walks, dogs will be rubbed down with a towel if wet or muddy before being settled at home     **We are unable to wash dogs, we will wipe their paws and clean/dry them as much as possible**
  • We always remove muddy boots before entering your home.
Please Note: To ensure the safety of our dogs we do not walk on roads and pathways. All walks take place off-road in fields, parklands, woods and footpaths. Therefore your dog will not come home as clean as when they left.