Hoop, Skip & Jump

Hoop, Skip & Jump Would you like to have fun with your dog whilst learning some new skills? During our Hoop, Skip & Jump course you will learn about Canine Parkour and Hoopers, both... [ Read more ]

£150.00 per dog

Hoop, Skip & Jump

Would you like to have fun with your dog whilst learning some new skills?

During our Hoop, Skip & Jump course you will learn about Canine Parkour and Hoopers, both activities are fun and suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities.

These are challenging, but fun, physical activities in which the dogs learn to interact with their environment and develop confidence. We work on ways to conquer obstacles, such as climbing, balancing, and jumping, and the ability to go through hoops, tunnels and around barrels, helping to build confidence in surroundings and improve body awareness. As well as providing physical and mental exercise for your dog it will also keep them fit, healthy.

The course is suitable for mixed abilities and will be tailored to ensure you are working at the level appropriate to your dog. Basic obedience is an advantage but not neccessary to enjoy the course. Our classes are fun and non-competitive.

Our course will include;
  • 2 feet on
  • 4 feet on
  • Under
  • In
  • Through
  • Hoops - learning to choose to travel through a series of hoops
  • Barrels - learning to go 'around' barrels from varying distances
  • Tunnels - learning to travel through tunnels
  • Learning to combine 2 or 3 obstacles
  • Start line/wait
  • Completing short courses
  • Social Manners - how to greet and interact with dogs appropriately

Our classes are relaxed, informative and fun with an 'ask the trainer' tea break. A maximum of 6 dogs per class we ensure dogs and owners have space and time to progress.

Our classes are held outside at our private training field at Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville.

If our class days/times don't suit we offer a variety of other services including Courses, Workshops, 121 training and a Training SOS phone/skype support call

If you have any questions please call Debbie on 07870 631580 or email [email protected]


Bob and I are on our third go round with Hoop, Skip and Jump. It's a brilliant course with different challenges every week that are not just fun but help develop confidence in dealing with different obstacles and situations. Bob has learned to tackle loads of scenarios she might previously have shied away from and we just have a laugh as well with the other dogs and their humans and of course Debbie, who's always full of new ideas to stretch us.
Jaffa thoroughly enjoyed this course ( and me too ) it’s very stimulating and at a nice pace . Would recommend to anyone thinking of booking
Bella (almost 7 months old) and I have just completed the first of the hoop, skip and jump. Both of us have enjoyed the mental stimulation and Bella’s focus has improved so much and it has brought us even closer together having had lots of fun experiences. What has been great about it is that Debbie has always ensured that Bella was kept safe by having all training on a low level as to not in any way aggravate her joint development, so no jumps or high level work. Any exercise got adjusted. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to get ideas of how to have fun with their dog in other ways than just walks and who would like for their dog to focus better amongst distraction. Debbie is very creative in her way of thinking and when it comes to usage of obstacles items are mostly basic, like the use of a chair for example that Bella had to learn to walk around when given verbal cues from myself. Also great for proprioception and vestibular integration. It’s really been fun. Thank you Debbie - I have signed us up for your next upcoming hoop, skip and jump 🙂
Bettina and Bella (pup)
We can't recommend this class enough! We both have a ball and Dottie's confidence grows every week. Debbie makes everything accessible and I've never had such fun at dog classes! (Neither has Dottie!)
Jacqui (and Dottie)