Monthly BOOST

121 Monthly BOOST Are you ready to continue your training journey? Whether you've just completed a course of a 121 programme our 121 BOOST package will help keep your training on track! Our... [ Read more ]

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121 Monthly BOOST

Are you ready to continue your training journey?

Whether you've just completed a course of a 121 programme our 121 BOOST package will help keep your training on track!

Our Monthly BOOST Package includes;
  • 1 x 60minute 121 training session per month
  • 1 x 20minute phone call per month as required
  • Weekly check in
Cost: £95 per month

Platinum Upgrade - 2 x 121 sessions each month - £165

Your training sessions can be held in your home, in public or at our training field, depending on you and your dog's progress.

Minimum of 3 months (extended as required) - Limited Availability.
Available to book within 2months of completing your previous training

Please note our BOOST package is only available to those who have completed a series of 121 sessions or group classes.

If you have any questions please call Debbie on 07870 631580 or email [email protected]


We have a very excitable rescue dog who is adorable but prone to barking at many things - pigeons, cats, doorbells, animals on TV etc. Having attended one of Debbies Total Recall courses with great success she was our first thought in resolving this issue. Debbie spent over 90 minutes giving us lots of advice and a much better understanding of dog psychology. We were able to put the advice into practice straightaway and it has helped enormously. She still barks a bit but we now have some techniques to minimise this and stop her getting stressed. We’d definitely recommend a 121 session if you need help with a doggy issue!
Mel Czapski
I had already been to a number of training classes with our 6 year old Labrador Minnie and had nothing but brilliant experiences with Debbie’s knowledge, expertise and experience. She taught my ball obsessed girl so many new skills I didn’t think were possible! Therefore when we knew we we were adopting an ex-gun dog 13 month Labrador who the gun dog trainer felt wasn’t good enough and was therefore wanting rid of him (which I couldn’t bear), Debbie was my first call! Even before we picked Petrol (yes that’s his name!) up, she prepared us for the fact he may have been subject to harsh, old school training methods and therefore we should be prepared for him to have potentially been mistreated. She gave us some great tips to calm him and introduce him to Minnie so she didn’t feel usurped. And she was so right, he was petrified of every sudden movement and had so clearly been hit and abused to supposedly make him a better gun dog. We were starting from scratch with him and so Debbie spent over an hour on a video call with us, talking us through how to give him a routine to make him feel secure, integrate him with Minnie (she wasn’t keen!) so she also felt safe, his diet and the fact that we needed to give him time and security and he would start to relax and to not even think about training for the first month, just to let him settle. Every single thing she spent time with us on worked. Both dogs are now on raw diet which has transformed them, Petrol has now been with us 6 weeks and is just the most gorgeous affectionate dog, a very different character from when we picked him up and we have just started walking him in different places as he feels more secure. We are just gearing up for his 121 in person training session with Debbie now as he is so confident and full of energy we need a few more training techniques! What I love most about Debbie is that she is completely non-judgmental and imparts her knowledge and experience in such a supportive and helpful way, she really helped make us feel equipped to deal with such a traumatised dog which felt daunting and scary. Thank you Debbie!
Helen Maslin
Bella is an almost one year old fox red Labrador and my first dog ever. She LOVES other dogs, whether she knows them or not, and she just wants to say hello to them all! It was driving me mad to the point where I was losing confidence in my ability to look after her and I’d started to loath walks. I asked Debbie for a 121 session and I’m SO glad I did. Debbie helped me observe and reflect on Bella’s behaviour and body language when seeing other dogs and gave me very specific advice to try and engage with Bella BEFORE I’d lost her attention completely and how to reward her for watching other dogs from a distance and for staying with me. It worked! I was given homework, good advice and I feel much more confident. I’m not giving up! Thanks Debbie :-)